We are working here to capture our family stories for our children and their future families. This format is the perfect way to preserve memories and images, and we are so grateful to Narratio Vitae for helping us to build memories into history. Through painstaking research and interviews with our father, Narratio Vitae has created a space for our family’s story to live and breathe.

While we are creating this site for our children, we hope it might also prove intriguing to those with an interest in the fields of science and history. Our Huxley ancestors contributed to a fundamental shift of scientific and literary orthodoxy. Our Webb ancestors, in America since the 1600s, played key roles in the development of the United States, and many of their experiences are the subject matter of museums and libraries. Further related families – the van Peysters, Phoenixes, Remsens, Lispenards, Stewarts and others – also played interesting roles in history both large and small, and we’ll be filling in more information about them here.

This site offers broad sketches of the families, above, and provides select individual narratives of six ancestors, below – sometimes offering fresh original sources of information.  This site invites discussion of their lives. Feel free to contact us if you have information to add to it.